April 18, 2016

About Us

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AIM Services stands for Administration, Implementation and Maintenance Services, all related to the IT industry. AIM Services is an innovative company whose purpose is to reunite a team of specialist in different areas to provide a wide variety of comprehensive solutions and services.

Each one of our team members has over 10 years of experience in their area of expertise and have worked in different industries like Government, Education, Media, ISPs and even as freelancers. We proudly recognize that we don’t work alone; we work as a team AIMing at your problems to provide appropriate solutions.

At AIM Services , we know that not always have an IT department or the department exists, the administration of this can be frustrating because problems arise when we least expect it. Our main goal is to understand your business to create the necessary technological solutions .

Our purpose is to provide you with the right tools and comprehensive services. We offer our wide range of solutions to anyone in need . The best part about working with AIM Services is that we listen, evaluate, propose and produce adequate solutions that fit your budget. We try to give our clients tools that they will use and are molded to their requirements.

And remember…We AIM to be the best!



Provide comprehensive services and quality technology solutions to domestic and foreign companies to help them improve their infrastructure and technological processes.

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