Monitoring Services

March 2, 2016

Here at AIM Services, we provide a wide variety of tools to monitor your infrastructure. We understand that monitoring can be difficult, that’s why we try to be proactive and identify possible points of failure before they even happen.

These are some of the equipments we monitor:

  • Communication Devices
  • Physical and Virtual Servers
  • Hardware Status
  • Website Uptime
  • Database Queries
  • Storage Devices

We have various plug-ins to ensure efficient monitoring, however, we understand that some business are more complex than others and require custom made scripts. If this is the case we can built it for you based on your needs. Whether you have a single website that needs to be online 24/7 or an infrastructure with 300 devices or more, we have the right solution and tools for you.

If you already have a monitor solution in place, we can manage it for you, or we can provide a brand new solution.